Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pipers All New Meridian M600

Piper's all new Meridian M600 has built on the achievement of the former Malibu and first design Meridan.  Build to go faster, father, higher with greater payload. With a rang of 1484 nm, at a speed of 274 knots, with cabin pressure at 5.6 psid.  This beautiful turbo aircraft is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A Flat Rated Horsepower at 500 shp. It can take off and land in approximately 2,650 feet.  The flight instruments have the exciting G3000 Avionics Suite with all the extras.  With your ability to fly into known icing conditions for winter and air conditioning for summer, you will always feel c comfortable flying this beautiful aircraft.  With years of Piper development and great company support, you receive with you Meridian M600 the flight training you need. A 5 year airfram warranty is accompanied by a 2,500 hour power plant warranty.  That means years of flying without worry. 


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Embraer Legacy 500 - Outstanding Midsize Jet

Certain aircraft stand out in the mid-sized jet class.  The Embraer Legacy 500 is one of those. Here is the reason I feel this.  It has the only stand-up cabin and flat floor in its class along with the most volume in the cabin.  With great pressurization, this aircraft can travel at 45,000 feet.  It has a wet gallery, vacum toilet as standard.  Equipped with the Honeywell Ovation select management system, the Embraer Legacy 500 has won several international awards. Some are calling it the new definition of midsize jets. Full fly-by-wire controls and the advanced Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion cockpit puts the pilot in full control. It is also the only midsize jet that can carry 8 passengers with 4 fully reclining seats at remarkable range of 3,215 nm. The cabin can also be configured into economy 12 passengers when needed.  It is also the fastest jet in it's class. With excellent room and cabin comfort, this jet provides some of the best luxury travel.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Embraer Phenom 100 - All New Entry Level Jet

This all new jet design has brought to the aviation community an entry level jet that costs less and operates for the price of a turbo-prop.  With the latest technology it is one of the best in it's class.  It also provides the largest cabin in it's class and one of the largest baggage compartments... something shopping wives, golfing and skiing enthusiasts love.  The clean simple lines of this jet gives a feeling of lightness and space.  It has a range of almost 1,200 nm and is one of the fastest jets in it's category. With the interior design by BMW it incorporates luxury and function.  A full enclosed rigid door private lavatory is part of this entry level jet!  Larger windows give greater view of your surroundings. One can immediately tell a lot of thought and innovation has gone into this new design. This could be your best choice for an entry level single pilot owner operated jet.  For your jet purchase please call me at:  813 598-6130  I am a kingdom business striving for excellence.


Monday, October 3, 2016

Cessna CJ4 - Great private owner single pilot operation

Cessna continues to provide some of the best products for private Jet owners.  The CJ4 is one of the crossover jets that provide great features and can be flown by a single pilot.  Some say that the operation of this aircraft is actually easier than many twin engine piston aircraft. The jet has a respectable range of 1261 nm, speed of 451 knots, carries 10 passengers and cruises above the flight of most commercial jets.  The CJ4 lands in only 4,700 feet without the thrust reversers.  It uses simple wing spoilers saving on maintenance costs.  Cessna recently celebrated is delivery of it's 5,000th light jet.  With this kind of production, there are many great buys of used, well care for, pre-owened Cessna jets.  All the way from the lightest Cessna Mustang  to the recently certified Cessna Longitude, we can help you choose the best jet to satisfy your needs and expense budget.  For information on purchasing your jet please contact me at:  813 598-6130  Jerry Brandt (Sales)


Friday, September 9, 2016

Aerion Supersonic Business Jet - The Future

The future of private business travel is the up and coming Aerion Supersonic Business Jet. Scheduled to be flying and certified by 2021-2023, this beautiful jet is a partnership with the Aerion aviation company and Airbus of Europe.  Flying at Mach 1.6, it will have an extra wide cabin comparable to the Gulfstreams new 650ES. Aerion found buyers were more interested in a more comfortable wide body than a narrower faster performing supersonic design. Airbus had already tested and proven a new laminar flow wing that will allow for the performance necessary at Mach 1.6.  New engines are also being designed for quieter and better performance than the supersonic Concord that France had once flown.  With the rise of new aircraft purchases in large expansive countries like China and Russia, Aerion and Airbus feel this is a good time to develop and introduce this beautiful aircraft. They estimate that high level CEO's and wealthy corporations can actually help produce around 17 more working days a year for their executives by cutting down travel time.  Watch the video below to see how exciting this whole new design of business Jets really is.  For your aviation and jet purchase needs, please call us at our company.  We can help you find the Jet that fits your needs.  Call 813 598-6130.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Epic E1000 - Worlds Fastest Turbo-Prop

The Epic E1000 has just been certified and orders are now being taken.  Position yourself for the purchase of this outstanding aircraft.  For those not quite ready for a pure Jet cost and experience, the all New Epic E1000 is a great choice.  Originally designed as a kit built aircraft, this high performance Turbo-prop matches the speed and comfort of many light Jets.  Built as a complete composite aircraft, it is light weight, yet beyond the strength of metal.
The range is an outstanding 1650 nm with full fuel, and six 200 lb passengers plus 150 lbs baggage. This is beyond the useful load of most light jets.  It travels at 335 knots at 31,000 feet. 49 kits have been built and a recent around the world tour was taken by 9 of the Epic LT kit built aircraft owners. With the hefty 1,200 hp Prat & Whittney jet engine, it climbs at an astounding 4,000 feet per minute.  That means you can get to your in flight high altitude in less than 20 minutes. Standard radio package includes the Garmin 3000.  To purchase your turbo-prop or jet aircraft, call Jerry Brandt at 813 598-6130

Check Out The New Epic E1000

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Champion Race Car Driver takes delivery of Global 6000

Niki Lauda, Professional race car Formula 1 driver uses his Global 6000 Business Jet to Travel to the Grand Prix's F1 races around the world. This is the second Bombardier aircraft he has owned.  He admits how trouble free and fun his new aircraft is.  With global support, the Bombardier jet owners find great customer satisfaction.  The 6000 is an upgrade from the former Global Express XRS.  Introduced at the Orlando NBAA convention, it offers higher speed, increased range and improved cabin layout and lighting. Perhaps the biggest upgrade is the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics package. The new price is $US45.5 million. A good selection of used 6000's are on the market and can be purchased for a fraction of the new cost. Many personal and business owners are finding this savings by purchasing a fully upgraded and restored older jet. You might be surprised at how easy it is to participate with us and become the proud owner of your Global 6000.  Call for sales at 813 598-6130

View Niki Lauda's Testimony